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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

I am thankful for so much in my life. I want to take sometime to share with you a little background of myself and what inspire me to create COVA Collection. Check out my page About the Blogger here.

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Happy Thursday! Ready to start the morning with a positive attitude and a go-getter personaility. Recently I started to limited the things that I watch/read on the internet and decided to refocus my energy on things that actually matter. Of course the drama on TV and online is entertaining for a moment but it truly does not bring any fulfillment or benefit in my life.

Some things on the internet are good but for the most part, it is nothing but wasteful time and energy.It actually can become a bit distracting to the things that I really imporant: GOD, My Family, my Career and my Dreams!

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CoVa Career & Fashion

10 Basic Things Successful Women in Leadership do daily (myself include)


Since I have graduated from college a few years ago, I start to notice the trends of some professional women do on a daily basics. I learned that most women who are in leadership remains consistent with their daily routine. Even if they are stress out in their personal life or work, they still manage to keep it together like everything is just fine.

Over the past few years, I start to create my own habits and routine that helps me in my personal and professional life. I thought I share them with you!

Here are 10 basic things, I have gather over the last few years of what I do daily as a woman in Leadership:

1.) Make my Bed every morning

  • Helps me stay organized

2.) Always have a manicure and pedicure  with my favorite nail polish

  • It makes me feels very sophisticated

3.) Wear lipstick

  • It is amazing how much a little lipstick can change you whole professional demeanor and give you more confidence

4.) Make sure that I am well dress

  • Dress to Impress

5.) Always hold myself accountable for my actions

  • It will get you more respect

6.) Be prepared and on time to all appointments and meetings

  • It shows that you are dependable

7.) Write down short and long term goals

  • Make sure to look at your goals everyday
  • Try to get something accomplish everyday to help achieve your goals.

8.) Workout

  • Exercise is known to reduce stress
  • Lifts your mood
  • It helps fights depression and anxiety

9.) Sign-up for a 5k or 10k race

  • Training for race day is a huge distraction from your daily task.

10.) Find a hobby

  • Try something new

Posting by Christina Albert

CoVa Career & Fashion

Do Something Different: Crochet Edition

Crochet Picture 2


Learning how to crochet is a challenge, I am willing to accept! Side hobby and a true stress relieve!

I will continue to share my experience throughout my blog.


















Posting by: Christina Albert

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Spotlight on You presents NAT NAT NATURAL: Young Entrepreneur Edition

During a young entrepreneur event, I had an amazing opportunity to meet with Amina who is not only an entrepreneur/designer but who is a go-getter smart and  very talented young lady. She has a mission to make a world a better place by using her all natural handmade soap business to help protect the planet and your body. Amina also has other quality products such candles and pillows.

Recently, I tired the Shea Butter Active Charcoal Eucalyptus Oatmeal soap, which felt so wonderful on my skin. The top part of the soap felt like a scrub which was good for my feet especially after a long run or a workout. I felt squeaky clean after I use the soap and very relax.  I am a huge fan of essential oils and they are great for your skin.


I also tried the soap when I was wearing my make-up and it help take off my make-up. Normally I would use vaseline to take off my make-up but this product works very well too! This product also helps with acne, eczema, tightens pores etc…

I am so express with the amount of talent and inspiration that Amina shows though her products. I am truly honored to review this product and to put the spotlight on my youngest entrepreneur on It shows you that no matter how old you are if you have a dream, passion, determination and committed…sky’s the limit to what you can accomplish in your career, no matter how old you are.

Let Amina story be an inspiration to all girls and young women to keep focus on your dream and it will pay off.

For more information on Nat Nat Natural, please visit the website at:







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CoVa Career & Fashion

Staying Focus


Sweet Tip: Before I go to bed, I like to write in my planner everything I would like to accomplish for this week. This keeps me on track and focus.


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CoVa Career & Fashion

6 Tips to get a Goodnight Sleep!


6 Tips to get a Good Night sleep?

The Natural Way





1.) Turn off the lights and use you touch lamp. Touch lamp is one of my best investments. It helps claims the mood when you are taking to relax at night.

2,) Unplug from all electronics!  I know it is hard because we look at Facebook, Instagram or all social media. Instead maybe read a book or magazine. I like to read a Bible or a book.

3.) Wear a Sleep Mask

4.) Medicate, Breathe In an Out. Inhale… Exhale…it help clear your mind. Trust me…I love this one! It brings me peace.

5.) Put lotion and massage your feet: It helps you become more relax. You can also use essential oils as well. Try Lavender lotion or oils. If you combined, the lotion with the lamp, you are golden!

6.) Write all down on paper

By writing everything you have on your mind on paper. It helps to have a goodnight sleep when you mind is rested.

Please avoid taking any sleep pills. Usually medication made to cover up the true problem. Try to see a therapist or someone at the local church to help you et you deal with some of your problems. Also, try other ways to help deal with your stress. Please see my article How to deal with stress.


Posting by: Christina Albert