Nathaly Juarez

Fashion Journalist
Loyal to Fashion

How did you get introduced to fashion blogging?
I’ve always been a fashion fanatic since I was a little girl and watched my mom create Halloween costumes for my sister and I. So naturally when I went to college, I joined a fashion club. In 2012 the club started a fashion blog and I got obsessed so eventually decided to start my own. I did a lot of research and came across several inspiring fashion bloggers. Ever since then my blogging has been a huge part of my life.

What goals are you trying to accomplish through your blog?
My goal through Loyal to Fashion is to empower young females between the ages of 14-28 to follow their dreams and reach for the stars. Growing up, I longed for an older sibling who could guide me. When girls come to my website, I want them leave with a sense of knowing that they can count on me. My goal is to publish motivational content intertwined with fashion and journalism.

Words of Encouragement to other women who are trying to accomplish their goals.
Money should not be an obstacle in order to reach your dreams. If you really want something there will always be a way, even if it means working three jobs during the summer while everyone else is hanging by the pool. A lot of the people I grew up with, gave up on their dreams because of a lack of financial resources. Without much assistance from others they fell into the cycle of poverty. If you don’t know something ASK! There will be nothing worse than to reflect on the past and dwell on the WHAT IF’s.

Also, don’t dwell on rejection. There will be numerous occasions in which we will receive rejection, whether it be from internships or job applications. Rejection is good, for the fact that you learn about yourself and others. If you simply aren’t getting an opportunity, create it. We live in an era where social media usage is heavy, so why not utilize it to brand and promote yourself.

Who do you look for style inspiration?
I look to Taylor Swift because she carries herself elegantly. All her outfits are sleek and carefully put together. If I had the finances to buy her exact outfits, you bet I would.

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